An Evangelical Church in the Heart of Thatcham
SUNDAYS @Parish Hall
For details call the church office on 01635 898164
10.00AM till 11.30AM at Pastor Hedley's house

For details call the church office on 01635 898164

The wrong side of fat?

For more than 20 years Coca-Cola’s bright red festive trucks have been rolling into our cities

The “Nudge unit”

The picture on the front was that of an elephant pushing the reluctant baby along with its powerful

UV footie

One thing I admit I’ve been completely in the dark about is how much fun can be had gathering

Gam of a story

This week will have seen Sotheby’s auction an exceptionally sized diamond weighing in at 26 carats a

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Make sure you know what's going on throughout the Christmas & New Year Season at Thatcham Evangelical Church. All the events spanning December & January are listed here.

  • Anointing with oil - A miracle of healing on the spot - Sunday August 6th 2017 David's 'BEFORE' testimony of a whole year's extreme physical fatigue post glandular fever
    Anointing with oil - One week on - Sunday August 13th 2017 David's 'AFTER' testimony of what happened next - August 13th 2017

  • Standing for Christ in the Public Square a presentation by the Christian Institute @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 29/07/17
    A 10 Year Brief History of the Church related by the Pastor on the occasion of the Church"s 10th Anniversary on Sunday 03/01/16

  • Sunday Morning – 11 am

    Our 11:00 am service – this is a mix of traditional hymns and more contemporary songs. After the first part of the service a Sunday school gets going in the room directly behind the main hall. The children re-join during the singing of the final hymn or song.
  • Sunday Evening – 6 pm

    Our 6:00 pm service – this service is a bit less formal than the morning and is also shorter ending around 7.15pm. We have time set aside for worship and prayer followed by some discussional and applicational bible study. This service takes place at the Pastors house, which is no. 2 Loundyes Close, Thatcham. RG18 3EB
  • Wednesday Home Group – 8 pm

    Each Wednesday, from 8-9.30 pm we meet for a time of discussional bible study. Very often we study through a bible book or perhaps a bible theme. The studies are always very discussional and enable people of all levels of knowledge to be able to comfortably participate (or just sit back and observe, if they prefer to). This midweek meeting does *not* take place in the Parish Hall, but at Andy and Nic's house, which is no. 21, Peachey Drive, Thatcham. RG19 4GT
  • Friday Ladies Group – 10 am

    Each Friday from 10-11.30, the ladies of the church get together to have coffee and take some relaxed time in the Scriptures. This will take place at the Pastors house at no. 2 Loundyes Close, Thatcham. RG18 3EB

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  • Philip Brown is married to Maria and they serve the Lord as missionaries out in Colombia, South America. They are living and serving in Bogota, though Phil travels around quite a bit. There main work is in the area of supporting pastors and also in discipleship.
    Philip Brown (Missionary)
  • Andy is a train station manager at Reading and is married to Nicole a mum and former local teacher. He is a keen sportsman enjoying cycling, football and golf along with various other games. As a managing trustee he has been fulfilling this role for around 3 years.  
    Andy Gallaugher (Managing Trustee)
  • Hedley has been a pastor for the past 14 years. He founded Thatcham Evangelical Church in 2006 along with his wife Bola.  
    Hedley Clemo (Pastor)

Pastor Hedley Clemo - February 11, 2018

Galatians 5v16-26 - An agenda for Change

From Series: "The Normal Christian Life"

This series works through 5 key aspects of any "normal" Christian life:

 • Divine Power
 • Divine Purpose
 • Divine Pleasure
 • Divine Passion
 • Our Progress

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