An Evangelical Church in the Heart of Thatcham

How our face-to-face services work and how to join a zoom meeting at Thatcham Evangelical Church

We are glad that our Sunday morning 10.30am services are once again taking place back in the Thatcham Parish Hall though still in a COVID-Secure way.

Since the removal of all legal covid-19 restrictions on the 19th July 2021 these are a summary of the arrangements that will apply: the wearing of face masks will not be required (however there may be some who would like to continue to use them); social distancing will not be required (again some people may wish to retain some level of distancing); congregational singing indoors will now be restarted without people needing to wear masks; mixing before and after the service will be allowed across different households; refreshments following the service will be resumed for all who would like to partake.

The recording of names for the sake of the NHS Test and Trace service is not required though a paper record will be made available at the door as well as the NHS Test and Trace QR code for people wishing to check into the Thatcham Evangelical Church venue.

We request that when people enter they use the hand sanitizer provided.

Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment is viewable here:

In addition our Infection Control procedure is viewable here:

These documents are also kept at the welcome desk at the entrance door where the hand sanitizer is found.

For all other meetings e.g. Sunday evenings and Wednesday housegroups we are using Zoom.

Zoom, for those unfamiliar, is an industry standard software to enable many people to connect together using their own laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

(A typical zoom meeting)

To get started you do not need any technical computer knowledge simply to install the Zoom software as detailed below.

Once you have got the software installed on your device give the church office a call (01635 898164) and we will explain how things work and give you the 10 digit meeting id and 6 digit password for our church.

Desktops & Laptops:
If you are joining from a PC desktop, or laptop, or Apple Macbook, this process is easy to complete. Go to in your web browser and enter the 10 digit meeting id and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Alternatively you can install the software first, if you prefer, in that case go to and click the button for Zoom Client for Meetings. A file should be automatically downloaded which you then click on to install.

After this simply run the Zoom software and click Join meeting and enter the 10 digit meeting id and the 6 digit password you will have been given and you will be able directly to enter the meeting.

Tablets & Smartphones:
If you are joining from a mobile device (Android smartphone/tablet, Apple iPhone/iPad) then download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the appropriate App/Play Store for your device whether Android or Apple.

More Detailed Installation Help:
If you run into any problems then go to the FAQ: to for more general information about the Zoom product. Hopefully this should not prove necessary.

*** Note *** We will be delighted if visitors from other churches, who do not have anything available, would like to join us. Simply phone the church office on 01635 898164 for the meeting id/password and any assistance with getting going.

*** Note *** Though these services and meetings are online this does *not* mean that people are listening and watching anonymously without anyone knowing.