An Evangelical Church in the Heart of Thatcham
Date:July 01, 2021

Betrayed by a kiss

It should have been just another day in the office, but it was not to be. The man was a public figure, virtually a household name, a man at the top of his game. Of course, I am referring to Matt Hancock, who until recently, was the government’s health secretary.

If anyone should have known better it was certainly him. The camera doesn’t lie. He glanced out the door to check no-one was coming and then the now infamous romantic liaison and kiss with Ms Coladangelo took place.

Amazing how much one simple kiss can start. It’s like a single domino falling which begins a chain reaction that can’t be stopped until the very last domino has tumbled.

Well let’s go from a private office with a hidden camera, to a public garden with a hidden disciple, the one who would record all the slimy facts, maybe you remember, it was that one who had to run away without a stitch on!

This is Gethsemane, and in comes that all-time master of double standards, Judas Iscariot. He proceeds to betray his beloved Master with a kiss. It didn’t go undetected, it was faithfully clocked by our hidden 1st century journalist, and it led to Judas’ own sad demise.

But wait, there is another type of kiss, one that is true and authentic. It’s hardly by accident that one of the Bible words for worship means “to kiss towards”. Well let’s hope that our significant kisses don’t ultimately end up just betraying us.

Pastor Hedley