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    Each Wednesday we meet up at 8.15pm at Andy and Nic's house.

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Adoration or annoyance

The death of anyone, however long-expected, always comes as a shock. What has been unsurprising, with the passing of
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The “Reddit army”

Until recently the name GameStop would not have rung many bells but that has all changed thanks to a bunch
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Benefits in the rearview mirror

In the same way that we all know that hindsight is a wonderful thing, similarly there can be benefits, even substantial
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Assumptions vs Assurance

Due to the large amount of recent rain, one morning I perched myself atop a nice stable three-legged iron garden
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  • Sure Foundations Evening - Explaining the current challenges to Christian freedomsby Rees Kernow & Andy Woods of the Christian Institute @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 11/5/22
    Creation or evolution - What do science and Scripture say?by Lucien Tuinstra of Creation Ministries International @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 5/2/22
    The age of the earth and its relevance to the Gospelby Gavic Cox of Creation Ministries International @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 5/2/22
    15 Year History of Thatcham Evangelical Churchby Pastor Hedley Clemo @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 10/1/21
    Different Races or One Human Family?by Dominic Statham of Creation Ministries International @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 29/2/20
    Biology & the Bible, Genesis & Geneticsby Gavin Cox of Creation Ministries International @ Thatcham Evangelical Church 29/2/20

  • Sunday Morning – 10.30 am

    Our 10:30am service of worship is a mix of traditional hymns and more contemporary songs. There is a time set aside for the children during the service after which they go to their own class.
  • Sunday Evening – 6 pm

    Our 6:00pm service – this service is a bit less formal and takes place in the Pastor's house (2, Loundyes Close, Thatcham RG18 3EB). It is shorter ending around 7.15pm. We have time set aside for worship and prayer followed by some discussional and applicational Bible study.
  • Wednesday Home Group – 8.15 pm

    Each Wednesday, from 8.15-9.30pm we meet for a time of discussional Bible study at Andy & Nic's house. Very often we study through a Bible book or perhaps a Bible theme. The studies are always very discussional and enable people of all levels of knowledge to be able to comfortably participate (or just sit back and observe, if they prefer to).
  • Friday Ladies Group – 10 am (Currently not running - sorry)

    Normally each Friday from 10-11.30am, the ladies of the church get together to have fellowship and take some relaxed time in the Scriptures.

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  • Philip Brown is married to Maria and they serve the Lord as missionaries out in Colombia, South America. They are living and serving in Bogota, though Phil travels around quite a bit. There main work is in the area of supporting pastors and also in discipleship.
    Philip Brown (Missionary)
  • Andy is a train station manager at Reading and is married to Nicole a mum and former local teacher. He is a keen sportsman enjoying cycling, football and golf along with various other games. As a managing trustee he has been fulfilling this role for around 3 years.  
    Andy Gallaugher (Managing Trustee)
  • Hedley has been a pastor for the past 17 years. He founded Thatcham Evangelical Church in 2006 along with his wife Bola.  
    Hedley Clemo (Pastor)

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