An Evangelical Church in the Heart of Thatcham
Date:February 02, 2021

The “Reddit army”

Until recently the name GameStop would not have rung many bells but that has all changed thanks to a bunch of users on the popular Reddit platform, recently ranked the 17th most-visited website in the world.

The story centres around numerous small shares investors, the “Reddit army”, taking on a handful of big Wall Street hedge funds.

As has been commented, this is the classic David vs Goliath scenario where the little guy, who on paper stands no chance, whips out his 5 smooth stones and slingshot taking down Mr Big Boy with one carefully aimed blow where it hurts.

Now, there are a few typical takes on this well-known Bible story. For example, if you just have enough faith, then truly anything is possible. Or again, the bigger they are the harder they fall. That, at least, is what my old Judo teacher used to say!

So, what is this Bible story centrally about? Well, David is, like many Bible characters, foreshadowing the One who is to come, the Messiah – “great David’s greater Son”, Jesus.

The story makes clear that the Israelites cannot possibly go up against Goliath, they need a substitute to fight their battle for them. David then, is a picture of the true Substitute.

This One is not some mighty warrior on a white stallion, He’s vulnerable, He’s a victor through weakness. We see in Him one that goes out as a sacrificial lamb and yet God choses this apparent weakness as the means to take down the giant.

Jesus is that solo Champion over our giant Colossus of sin and death. The benefits of His victory, there on the battleground of the cross, get pushed over to us, just as David’s was to those Israelites in that original prototypical battle against impossibly stacked odds.

So then, let’s stand amazed and embrace what’s been achieved in our stead.

Pastor Hedley