An Evangelical Church in the Heart of Thatcham
Date:January 28, 2020

5G, do we have an issue?

By now the decision has likely been made and the result out in the public domain – I refer to the choice over whether to let Huawei equipment form the heart or just a lesser part of the 5G national network.

For some of us “early adopters” we might be quite excited about all the possible benefits that will accrue to us e.g. even faster download speeds and the prospect of even more things that our devices will be able to do.

The issue itself has been presented in quite a variety of ways. The most common of these has been the issue of national security, the threat of China spying on us. Furthermore, it has been talked about as an issue of our sovereignty. Mike Pompeo said: “The truth is that only nations able to protect their data will be sovereign.”

Going to the heart of things, it is centrally an issue of trust, especially when you make yourself dependent on something or someone. Of course this issue of sovereignty and trust goes back pretty well forever. Taking our first ancestors, Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the issue with God and the snake was all about the self-same things – who was to be trusted and who would be sovereign.

In that prototypical case, the snake, a.k.a Satan, was trusted and he didn’t even just get a part, he took the very heart of man, took man’s sovereignty and has reeled him in ever since.

There is only One who should remain as the Sovereign and that’s not the snake and it’s also not ourselves, neither of these can and should be given the full occupation of our hearts, only God can be trusted enough to take up and operate in that most vital of all spaces.

Pastor Hedley